• Study Load
    The students’ study load in one academic term can range from a minimum of 6 credit hours to a maximum of 9 credit hours, as follows:

    1. Students who register for 9 credit hours are considered full-time students. Students who register for less than 9 credit hours (but not less than 6) are considered part-time students.
    2. When appropriate, the MBA Program Director may decrease or increase a student’s study load depending on their GPA. The MBA Program Director may approve an increase in a student’s study load to more than 6 hours if the student’s GPA was at least 3.0 at the end of the previous term or when the student is graduating in the same or the following term. The MBA Program Director may give approval for a student to register in less than 6 credit hours if it is considered that there is a valid reason for this.
    3. The maximum study load for students with an academic warning must not exceed 6 credit hours.
  • Registration Hold/Discontinuation
    • A student may be permitted to put a hold on his/her registration upon submitting a written request to the Registrar in the Registration Department. The request will be accepted on condition that the student has been a regular student at UD for at least one term.
    • Students who do not register for a particular term and who have failed to make a request for Registration Hold are considered “Discontinued” in the Registry’s records.
    • A registration hold  must not exceed two separate or consecutive terms during the entire period of study. This includes terms from which the student has withdrawn without a failing grade.
    • The request should be submitted in the first half of the term.
    • If the student’s “Discontinued” status exceeds two separate or consecutive terms then his or her registration status will be considered “Cancelled”. The student may apply for re-registration upon approval of the CBA Dean and UD President, based on the recommendation of the MBA Program Director.
    • Course credits over five years old will not be accepted in the program.

      In all cases, a list of all students who have requested a registration hold is forwarded to the Program Director

  • Drop and Add
    The Drop/Add period lasts for one week after the beginning of classes. During this period, students may drop or add course(s). Students who wish to do this should first consult their academic advisor and then complete the Drop and Add form. For more information, refer to the section entitled Study Load.
  • Withdrawal (without failure) from Course
    1. Students are permitted to withdraw from courses after submitting the appropriate Drop and Add form. However, they must maintain the required minimum number of credits. Withdrawal from courses must occur no later than the end of the 6th week of classes.
    2. A grade of “W” will be recorded on the student’s transcript for the course from which s/he has withdrawn (if this is between the start of the 2nd week and the end of the 6th week).
    3. If students do not apply for withdrawal within the period mentioned above, they are expected to attend the courses they have registered for.