Experiential Learning Activity

Dr. Humeira with students in the classroom, conduct a creative experiential learning activity through the interactive brainstorming session.

HR Consultancy – Speech

Mr. Jaffar Bin Jabbar was invited as a guest speaker for the Communications and Languages department under the Business and Professional Speech Course to give insights of an interview process during recruitment. Mr. Jaffar Bin Jabbar is a Consultant Executive with Prime HR. He enlightened the students with the interactive discussion of the recruitment procedures. […]

Job Fair 2018

Dubai College of Business Administration & Corporate Liaison Department organized the Employability Week, a week long journey served its aspiring young professionals in mapping their road for an awe-inspiring career. Participants were put under a complete cycle in which they received trainings from the pre-eminent trainers and mentors of the corporate. The Employability Week encompassed […]